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150 years of perfection have led PINTON to become one of the most renowned names in exceptionnal carpets, rugs and tapestries. 

The works produced by the "basse lisse" looms of our Felletin workshops have helped popularise the art of French textile making around the world. The PINTON family have always had a passion for the art of weaving.

From 1867 to the present day, this passion, combined with the age-old expertise of their artisans, has spun a promising and innovative future. With excellente and creativity their only boundaries, PINTON has brought the Aubusson tradition into the modern area.

The compagny is divided in two entities - PINTON Manufacture, dedicated to luxury interior design, and PINTON Editions, devoted to contemporary art. With this, the family company is rapidly gaining internation visibility, showcasing Franche expertise in the art of weaving.

To achieve their level of excellence, PINTON relis on the artisans in their workshops of Felletin and their unique expertise, found only in France. In the age-old tradition of Aubusson, the "cartonnier", master craftsmen and master weavers work in harmony with the designer to create masterpieces on their "base-lisse" looms. In the past, they have worked with a number of artists including Calder, Delaunay and Le Corbusier. More recently they have collaborated with Enzo Cucchi, Joe Tilson, Eted Adnan... All the while they guarantee the prestige of the PINTON name. Each PINTON design embodies the harmony between the artist's vision, the skill and craft of the artisan and the exceptional materials used in production.

From decorative tapestries and rugs th hand-knotted or hand tufted low-pil carpets - the quality will always be of the same exceptional standard. This constant search for perfection has always encouraged PINTON to innovate. The workshops benefit from all the modern techniques, essential for producing today's contemporary designs. And so, all materials, such as metallic lurex threads, can be combined with the more traditional locally sourced wool and silk threads.

In our workshops, the golden rule of the craft is: our artisans take precedence over the machines - machines are the faithful assistants to their expertise. This expertise is the same for every project, whatever the request and whatever the price.

A treasure trove, our Parisian showroom will transport you to he world of PINTON, where you can discover our range of designs. You will find our artist-designed rugs, numbered and signed tapestries by renowed artist, our selection of "ready to lay" rugs and a large choice of designs to create your own bespoke rugs and carpets.

Our sales team are on hand to guide you through our library of samples and our archives of designs. They will assist you in designing a rug perfectly adapted to the specific needs of your project. They will fulfil your wildest creative visions.

PINTON's excellence has allowed us to supply the most prestigious institutions and private clients with refined tastes. PINTON Manufacture distinguishes itself with its decorative tapestries, luxury rugs and bespoke carpets, destined for the luxury interior design market. Prestigious couture houses and big name in finest jewellery favour the quality of PINTON for their boutiques. The most prestigious international hotels decorate their rooms, suites and restaurants whith the PINTON name.

PINTON promotes the "Made in France" standard of excellence and fenefits from the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) label. This recognition from the French government honours the exceptional techniques and creativity of the PINTON compagny. PINTON is also a member of the "Luxury ands Excellence" committee. This committee groups together the most prestigious manufacturers of luxury goods in Limousin.

Show-room Paris : 71 rue du Cherche-Midi 75006 Paris
The last creation in 2017 : Carpet PIETRA DURA by Jean Boggio.

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