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Kubb offers cutting edge technology that combines power with performance. It is a concentration of modern technology mixed with large capacity. Silent, energy efficient, Kubb doesn’t overheat and is guaranteed for 3 years. It is compatible with all peripherals such as screens, keyboards and mice. Kubb is available in various colors, materials and finishing works, a truly personalized work of art. The interchangeable shell adapts to everyone’s preferences. Kubb meets the demands of the individual customer as well as those of the professional client.

Kubb is an innovating Digital Tool. It’s a French revolution.

Kubb is based on 5 founding cornerstones: Quality, esthetics, Innovation, Convenience and Exclusivity.

Kubb is the result of numerous years of extensive research and prototype testing.

The solution was found in looking for an alternative and by placing the individual in the center of our strategy.Combined, craftsmanship and modernity are as one and embody an incredible coupling. A perfect union between cultures of digital, way of life and traditional methods.

By paying attention to detail and excellence in know-how, beauty gives access to a range of innovative technological solutions able to save time and space. The company based in Toulouse, favoring local conception and manufacturing in order to highlight French creative and industrial designs.

Shaped like an extremely small cube, this digital tool is most desirable. Kubb is an intriguing and fascinating object.

Solid, mysterious, geometrically remarkable, Kubb’s perfect shape allows it to channel its power.

No need to hide it! Kubb was designed to be displayed and shown off. Interchangeable shells can adapt to all preferences and environments.

Beyond a real care for esthetics, Kubb is a concerted mix of the best technologies to insure complete user satisfaction.

Startup rapidity and ease of use (silence, low consumption…) are the making of an intelligent tool capable of meeting the daily needs of all kinds fr om our demanding consumers. Structured around the latest generation Intel Core processors, Kubb performs all tasks with a great performance. Downloads are accelerated, browsing is instant and booting only takes 3 seconds. Kubb releases the consumer from their usual restrains. It’s ideal for working quickly, creating and accessing any multimedia content. While benefiting from a richer, more immersive and flowing visual experience, the whole in high definition, all Kubb’s components are of industrial grade.

The embedded Wi-Fi technology will allow you to communicate with your digital decoder while being directly connected, by Bluetooth, with your other devices such as smartphones, tablets, and printers. The various USB 3.0 ports improve data transfers between your multiple external peripherals.

Analysis of the digital market, mobility, computer gaming and multimedia accessories brought us to see that a lot of products look alike.

Thanks to our combined experience, Kubb is a digital tool on which the conception was based on both technical and esthetic innovations. Kubb’s exclusive and timeless design embodies perfectly the raw elegance of a cube. It represents the combination between cutting edge technology and traditional French methods in all its nobility and attention to detail.

Kubb is the fruit of the cooperation between a passionate creator and French artisans. The meticulous care in the perfection of the product insures it a quality be yond reproach.

Kubb is made up of two parts: a support layout and an interchangeable protection shell.

Each shell is a 100% made in France. It draws its inspiration from our cultural and artistic heritage. It is a subtle mix between cutting edge technology and art professions such as metalworking, ironwork, boilerworks, cabinetmaking and lea ther craft.It is possible to change Kubb’s aspects by changing the shell: Kubb will perfectly blend into your environment.Changing the shell can be done as many times as needed.

Kubb is made with technologies that reduce its energy consumption to a little less than 25 Watts, that is 16 times less than the average work computer. It represents a significant cut in energy expenses.

Kubb is an office and multimedia tool with a true environmental consciousness. An int eresting approach both for environmentally aware individuals and companies with large IT needs.

The included technology protects the system by allowing an emergency battery to take over for about 30 minutes in the event of any electrical dysfunction.


Tariffs starting from 700 € including taxes. All Kubb products are guaranteed for 3 years.RANGES OF SHELLTariffs starting from 100 € excluding taxes.

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